Friday, 10 March 2017

Is Electrolysis Hair Removal Permanent?

Electrolysis hair removal is an effective treatment method to remove unwanted hairs from your body. The method has been creating quite a buzz in the beauty industry for some time especially as a women’s hair removal services in spas all across the United States. On the other hand, electrolysis hair removal is already approved by the FDA and is considered a treatment method that gives the best overall results compared to most of the other so-called permanent methods. But the million dollar question asked by a majority of clients out there is whether electrolysis hair removal gives permanent results. Today we asked a San Diego electrolysis company to give us some insight on this big question. We offer information on the effectiveness of electrolysis hair removal.

The treatment method involves inserting a needle to the follicle of the hair to reach the papilla – the source of nourishment for the hair. A low electric current is passed through the probe which destroys the papilla and prevents further growth of the hair. The treatment method requires a lot of skill and precision on the part of the practitioner. In fact, if the probe is inserted at the wrong angle, the treatment will not be that effective. Although using a probe or needle is the most effective method of getting rid of unwanted hair permanently, it can cause some sort of discomfort. Hence, the latest equipment comes with alternative methods to pass the current to the papilla. Although the discomfort has been reduced to a large extent, some of these methods are not that effective after all.

On the other hand, there are numerous factors that stimulate hair growth. Hence, a patient may have to undergo more than one treatment session to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Each treatment session lasts for at least one-hour. Depending on the area treated, you may be asked to present yourself for more than one session most of the time. In fact, the practitioner may ask you to return once a week or every other week as required. Most clients are not interested in availing themselves for more than one to two treatment sessions due to whatever reason. But this can have a negative effect on the chances of their success in permanently getting rid of unwanted hair on the body. You should know that permanent results are possible only when you avail yourself for a series of treatments.

Hence, if you ask whether electrolysis hair removal treatment is permanent, the answer would be yes and no. In fact, the above-mentioned factors can determine if the treatment is permanent or not. On the other hand, choosing a qualified and experienced professional is one of the most important things to make this treatment method permanent. A good practitioner will precisely target the papilla which is quite important to get the best results from the treatment method. You have to avail yourself for more than one treatment session if you want permanent results from this treatment method. That is why it is important that you follow the instructions of the practitioner if you seek permanent results for unwanted hair growth. This read answers the question of “is electrolysis hair removal really permanent?” To find our more about our contributing company please visit their Yelp page  to find our more about they can help you.

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